Monday, April 3, 2017

Ode to the Mobile Mosque / Journey of the Purple Brotherhood / #UpToUs Caravan, 2016

Mahadeva (Mohammed) waved his Blue Left Hand
To take his children to the Promised Land
And out the Fiery Five Star Band
There sprang Three Horns and a Purple Man.
Mahadeva (Mohammed) with your cyclotron cloud
The mad swiss scientists race round and round
To liberate your Lingam, their latest shroud
To decode your Damru, the origin of sound

Mahadeva (Mohammed) they tear a Five Dimensional Page
To Usher in the New Aquarian Age
But ask your White Labcoat Sadhu Sages
What sank the Atlantian Black Brotherhood Cages
Mahadeva (Mohammed) locked inside the Saudi Cube
Millions of pilgrims touch your Black Stone Tube
How long will the British Zionist Hexagram Horde
Rape you in the name of their Bastard IS-RA-EL Lord
Without one pearl drop of your sacred dew?
Without one shred of your Ultraviolet hue?
The Purple Man met the boy with the Gold Violin
Who played the streets like a Champion
Chanting the AUMNG with an eagle feather in his hair
He made the Indigo Children well aware
But wait! O Fate! We have done all this before!
The Earth (our Frail Empress) can take It no more!
The Pluto-Saturn-Square of ‘69
Is bound to return and reap us blind!
Hippie Children heed our Final Call
We shall never again repeat the Infernal Fall
Where Boomeritis sets in like rickets of the mind
Beatniks beaten to yuppies, Family Ties that bind
Mother! Mother! Let your Children go!
Your Native sons tell us it is so--
The strongest Phoenix flies furthest from the Tree
Make us free! Give us the key::: Self Mastery!
Father! Father! Cross your arms!
Dont listen to those silly Imams
We need your Light, Shine it green!
Keep us safe! Father! Keep us clean!
“Now is my time!” said the boy in tow
With a Hawk-headed smile and a dusky glow
Somewhere above and somewhere below
“I fly like a Warrior--look at me Go!”
As the copper orb begins to Set
The lizard cacti emerge and fret
For in Hawk’s dear talons snare the Demons of the Deep--
Yet toward Sky’s glass ceiling he creeps! he creeps!  
His mother is the Gypsy Acid Queen--Creole to the Core!--
Virgo! Isis! Babalon the whore!
She draws herself in secret Octarine colors
Reminding East-West / North-South under the covers
Ov their secret sacred Perennial Others
The Green Eyed Fire, the Sacrificial Horse  
Guides us crooked on our Steady Course
O’er Red Rock mountains and Smoggy Streets
He lightnings forth, from the Hanged Man’s Noose:: Osirian Release!
From Chicagua’s Illinoize, the Creator-Destroyer Re-Creates
Sacred Cahokia Mounds, Ancient America’s Oldest City States
He screams: “There was an Atlantian Republic here before!
Wake up now! Dont let the gnomes hear you snore!
The Feathered Serpent dreams beneath, rustle him more!
Rustle him more! Meet him on the Desert Shore!
Remember the 33rd parallel!
The Governor’s Wife will save you from Hell!
Under the White Pyramid in Phoenix her corpse doth Park
Her giant prehistoric camels extend their necks beyond the dark
His love for his late sorrow murdered mate so Great
Arizona’s female legions:: the first to vote in the post-diluvial Ark!
Lilith said to Abel Slain by Cain:
Accept my mark! Nay! My Mark! My Mark!
In Philadelphia’s humid European Enlightenment swamp
The Rainbow Family raised their Seven-Tone Spiral Camp
Remember the fatal Rosicrucian tomb with its “Mystic Americanism” Eternal Cry
Before you sail the Seven Seas under the Crocodile Crone’s watchful Rosy Cross Eye:::
Before you come to our Library for the secret ov the Purple Brotherhood’s Scarlet Phoenician Dye::::
On this lowest (and highest!) of all Gray crashing, descending, intersecting Planes of Dark and Light,
We can read your mind! We can read your Conscience in its Self Adjustment of Wrong and Rite!
But before all else, before we weigh the scaled feather against your memory and might:::
You must TRY! You must TRY! You must TRY!
Remember the Anarchist Wizard with the boot on his head
Who went down the line of cops who wanted him dead
He told you the key to not getting shot full of lead
Is to make those who would harm you laugh instead!
Cuz this world is too vast, too much stuck in the past
For those whose die are already cast
Cuz this age is too new, too full of things we thought we once knew  
For those with only one point of view
Remember all the buzzing crackling elemental energy
Twisting and turning under the mighty MISSISSIPPI
How they burrow under Satan’s Church! the Cicadia Tree
Every 13 years they emerge from oaken furs like giant fleas
Cross-fertilizing frequencies, the Confederate South’s finest Koranic bees
Remember how we led each other, hand in hand,
Across this sinking, stinking, steaming land
We read the Tibetan Book of the Dead
For all the American Spirits still smoking 9-11 Code Red
“Dont get stuck! Not even in your heart” they said
The Emerald Rays will make your Spine Humble,
Your Spiritual Progress will Halt and Stumble
The Jaguar’s Eyes will only bring you back to the Jungle
For the Purple Crown of Consciousness is Infinite Food
But the Green Light can pump only so much Brood….
Remember how your Beloved looked that night in Palm Springs
When he accepted the last of Saturn’s Obsidian Rings
He started to slip away, he felt his Green Eyes turn gray
But you held your palm to his heart and made him stay--
Your breath was his breath, your single song voided Cosmic Death
At least one more September Solar Eclipse, one more Lunar Virgo Day
To chase all these Hungry Crystal Ghosts away!
But only because Love was the Law, Love Under Will!
The Green Heart Gurt With a Purple Serpent--
You sought to Fulfill!"
(I love you baby, and I know you love me
Such a happy Savage Family we can be!
If we only learn to better measure our Fantasy
So you can really be you, and I can really be me::
Endless Savagery on the Seven Saturnian Seas!)
The Scarlet Woman then raised her Red Right Hand
To the Club Kids in the Eastern Empire Land
Conducting this Bitter-Sweet Techno Symphony
Guarding the Jewel that would make the next Cleopatra Queen::
“Honey if you want this Illuminati Light
Youre gonna have to dance the Tandava Rite
The Cosmic Dance ov Fame on Fortune’s Wheel
Makes beggars of us all if we stand on the wrong Heel!  
Show them Padme Pani how its done
Turn every gesture into a loaded gun
I know you want my blood, were not new,
Weve played the game called Psychic Vampire, Taming the Shrew,
But if you’re gonna really work that Faux Future Look
You better play the part and read the ancient Book!
Cuz this is a page straight outta the Vedas::
Were taking our Shiva-Shakti straight to Vegas!
A new iteration on the oldest game called Show
Where the Two-Spirit Sage and Gray Witch both know
We must plant our Stars in a Land that will GROW!
Where the Two-Spirit Sage and Gray Witch fight and dance merrily
With a Red Right Hand that says Let it Be
And a Purple Left Hand that says Come to me
A handshake that is at once a middle finger and a raised fist full of B’s
Welcome to the Savage Family!"
Then all of a sudden there rises the Blake Snake
Coiled Round the Tree of Life, the Emerald Lake
It hisses and moans with the vengeful spit of a Thousand Chiefs
And a crooked Oil of Iron Pipeline that fights for release--
The Rainbow Warriors gather round, but only one color feels the sound
The Red Man blows the Conch Under the River, Under the Ground
And out flies first the Pelican feeding its young from its own bleeding heart
And then the Raven with Old Odin's Eye tearing them all apart---
"If you want to know the secret of my alchemy
Putrefy your river and bottle it for me--
For in the steam I release by my Holy Flames
Is an essential OIL made sacred by Divine Names
Which no mere water elemental shall know
Shot straight down from the bow of Kether it doth go:::


And with these Hebrew Intonations vibrating up and down
The fossils that were fuels solidified into a reptilian gown
The Purple Man came forth and bit into the black scales
Tearing away one by one all the remaining spectral veils--
And between the warring Feds and Water Defenders he hails
The following Middle Pillar and all it entails:::
"Brothers and sisters of the Golden Dawn
Hear me NOW! hear our Eternal Song!--
For I am here to remind you that Spirit Evolves
And is not a mere Wheel that Revolves and Revolves--
Your ancestors were great and noble as were mine
They taught you how to preserve everything after its kind
And taught me how too much of this can make US go blind--
For not all God's creatures want to remain in this vegetable state
But want to fly up and around at higher frequency and rate--
The waters even, yes, as dew drop blue as they may be now
Do they not yearn to turn black and then ultraviolet as the Goddess will allow--
Do you not see that this Black Snake which you threaten to Kill
Has allowed you a Freedom of Movement, a mechanical skill
Which to our ancestors was only running up the proverbial endless hill--
But yes, I know, we must have water to drink at the moment or all will be Nill
So let's go back to the drawing board and come up with a new Constitutional Will--
In any case I have much to teach you if you will only but teach me,
And together we can be such a happy Savage Family!"
Thus bidding the Tribe farewell with his Beloved at his side
The Green Eyed Lion and Scarlet Woman started to glide
The Mobile Mosque soared on high to its next magick carpet ride
And the Purple Man maketh like a Hermit in his Nine Month Portal
Of Golden Dawn Self-Initiation to Unfurl
To hide and seek what he has known, and still to hide and hide and Hide-----
Until one fine Golden Day a Mystery School Lighthouse shall Shine
On a fair desert hill in the Californian Kalifia Caliphate we shall find
A True recinarnation of ancient Alexandria at thee End of Time……
And on that fine Golden Day ALL the colours of the Rainbow Tribe shall gather
Red and Yellow and Green and Brown and Black and White and yes even Purple Lives Will Matter…