Saturday, September 7, 2013


molley cyprus twerking is whiter than her backup dancers twerking
cuz she is doing the same thing but she is getting paid more
and her backup twerkers are whiter than that african tribe who started the twerk
because they are just africans not americans who aren’t getting paid at all
and that is black culture
not john coltrane or james baldwin
just like trayvon martin who was an african and an american who got killed by
george zimmerman who is also american but whiter cuz he is latino
but latinos are less white than the spanish who colonized them
and the spanish are less white than the italians
cuz italians are mediterranean and they are always lying around on the beaches and have dark skin but the italians have the pope and the pope wears all white and is the whitest thing in the world
but the german lutherans protested against the pope so they are less white but they had hitler and so they are more white than the british who fought against the nazis
but they are less white than the americans because the americans were oppressed and had their war of independence and their bill of rights and their half black president from the same country as the african twerkin tribe
because there is only one country in africa just like there is only one country in europe and only one state in america not even a north or a south not even a civil war not even native americans just like all the colors dissolve into white light and white light isn’t an absence but a fullness and they all do the same things and therefore only have one NESS
just like there was white on white slavery in europe and black on black slavery in africa but the difference is the NESS in africa aren’t getting paid as much and therefore white people invented slavery just like black people invented twerking
because getting paid has something to do with the NESS because that is CAPITALISM and CAPITALISM isn’t just about all capital letters its an essence NESS like a ghost or a specter that hangs over europe because CAPITALISM was started by europeans like adam smith who wrote in all CAPS and are
more white than latinos
who are more white than africans   
who are less white than African Americans
cuz merchants and bazaars and markets where things are sold or made or haggled or bartered haven’t always existed in every culture around the world and everyone hasn’t always wanted to have their own private tent where they can do their own private shit and communism isn’t a pale white ghost or essence NESS that leads to “dictatorships of the proletariat” that never get past the dictatorship part
cuz karl marx wasn’t white he was jewish and jews have been enslaved and slaughtered everywhere just like africans
but they are richer and more successful because they have lighter skin and bigger noses
and some like the zionists even have their own state and are even more white because they are oppressing palestinians
unlike africans who don’t have their own state and have flatter noses and therefore do not benefit as much from the NESS
because culture has nothing to do with it
and talking about culture is racist
which brings us back to the monster that rears its ugly head in the swamp marsh of all our mental associations
and maybe the world would be a better place if we stopped hunting all the NESSES loched in each other and we started hunting real monsters
like our half black president whose reptilian puppetmasters want to bomb SYRIA and start world war three against us all because we don’t have green lizard skin 
like the NESS