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SHUT UP AND DANCE! Queer Art in the Occult World of Commerce, or Why SAN FRANCISCO Will Never Become Great --by BJ DINI--

“First of all, dear Reader: I AM NOT HERE TO MAKE ‘FRIENDS’. Friendship has ceased to have any real meaning in Facebook Land, where a single status update can be the life or death of hundreds of Face-Less ‘friends’. The following is a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, in essence a performance, a DANCE, a series of Campy, Bitchy (Shady?) Drag interludes and finger snaps, dedicated to exploding Essences.

The Friendly Fascism of Facebook Land shares certain key ingredients with the kind of smiley-faced Liberal Fascism represented in many ways by Aldous Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD (which continues to be more accurate than the Hitler moustache fascism of 1984) and, in a very real sense, the cultural climate of liberal utopias like SAN FRANCISCO (more a "state of mind" in this context than a physical place), which are premised on a kind of Easy-Listening Pop Collectivism. This is, indeed, the new Soma pill of our times.

Art is seen in SAN FRANCISCO not so much because the Art is Good (criticism is "mean"!) but because the Artist is Popular. We are all being invited into the Friendly Borg, into the Gentle Panopticon, more and more each day and all we seem to be care about is gladly feeding the machine more LIKES, more consensus reality, more lemmings going over the cliff – letting IT know where we are at all times of the day, what we’re planning to OCCUPY, which 'friends' we are allowing to shape our view of reality on a daily basis (using a 'friendly' algorithm that weeds out people we don't 'interact with' regularly) and where we’re doing our shopping, even.

I want to see whether certain very alienable Truth(s), which are almost always a Minority, almost always unpopular, almost always Friend-Less, can survive Facebook Land. I have done this by targeting those LIKES which occur frequently in my predominantly Queer San Francisco Facebook Feeds and associating them with the Judaeo-Christian concept of the Devil. Do I believe most of what I’m writing below? Well, yes. I would be a *pussy* if I pretended otherwise. But think of me, dear Reader, more as the Devil’s Advocate here. IT MAKES THE PERFORMANCE MORE INTERESTING.

I think this is particularly relevant because Queers are the ultimate Minority, the ultimate safeguard of Two-Spirit Global Resistance, and should, in theory, be the most attracted to the kind of Ontological Anarchy and Poetic Terrorism this exercise represents, which is the psychological equivalent of Occupy’s self-proclaimed “Diversity of Tactics.” These are all, for the most part, status updates I have already posted in one form or another in the past (mostly with the same intention in mind) and which have cost my 'friends list' dearly.

I am telling you this because I want to be as obvious as the typical Facebook Feed and am therefore sabotaging myself (as you are sabotaging yourselves) at the very beginning. In the end this is also very much about THREE THINGS which are consistently used by the Elite to gain power over our spectrally submissive dangerously transparent Cyber-Identities and which, if we were but wise, we would use to our own OCCUPATIONAL advantage: SECRECY (privacy?), SYMBOLIC LITERACY and CONSPIRACY.”

--sincerely yours, Asshole who failed Sensitivity Training and Tolerance Camp, SAN FRANCISCO, 2012

SHUT UP AND DANCE! Queer Art in the Occult World of Commerce, or Why SAN FRANCISCO Will Never Become Great (In 23 Status Updates)

THE NEW KIDS PARK AT DOLORES PARK -- AS METAPHOR (with a big fucking halo around it): Every time you try to get naked or make out with your boy-girl-friend or drink or smoke weed or make art or read Marx it will stand there --YUPPIE HELL-- with its Pigs on Bikes brigade accusing you and mocking you til the end of your long “career”.

Just kidding (not).

Let’s start over.

#1. REMEMBER when you were a kid and you were dressing up in your mom’s clothes and your mom laughed and said you were cute but when you opened your mouth and tried to sound like a girl your mom told you (or gave you the impression) to “SHUT UP AND DANCE!” because obviously now playing the GIRL or FAGGOT you were supposed to just LOOK PRETTY and not open your mouth because then the glaring inconsistency in Tonality (and social roles) would just be TOO MUCH? So why is it in one of the (supposedly) gayest cities in the world those queer (performing) arts which seem to receive the most attention and funding are DANCE and (boy-to-girl) DRAG? DOES RELYING ALMOST SOLELY ON BODY LANGUAGE TO CONVEY MEANING have anything to do with reproducing this fundamental childhood trauma while at the same time making sure not to rock the POLITICALLY CORRECT boat TOO MUCH and only ever offering up a kind of SOFT CRITICISM through body posturing that only ever comes across either as tongue-in-cheek “suggestive” Camp or more of that good ol’ postmodern academic irony that is like JERKING OFF to Bad Art in a hall of mirrors that goes on forever? (Art about Art about Art about Art – NEXT!) Maybe it’s a little too CONVENIENT that dance-theatre seems mostly THEATRE when it’s easy (“I am in despair! I can’t pay my bills!” OVER and OVER and OVER again) and then turns into DANCE when it gets rough (“I can’t SAY why I’m in despair or can’t pay my bills so I’m going to do some LIVE MOVEMENT WORKSHOPPING ON STAGE! All the Catharsis for me – none for you!”)

Yes, there is an infinity of ways to Say Things. But who can AFFORD the peculiarly solipsistic language of Modern Dance? And all the poor queers go to the drag queens -- but who wants to live in a world where everything is always reducible to MIMES + CAMPing + OUT (which then, as the nightly ritual goes, translates into even lower body language in the form of the Lizard Brain Libido taking over on the booze-stained dance floor)? Reptilian economic conspiracy to obstruct the ancient Two-Spirit occult language of Multi-Dimensional Shamanic Resistance in which Queers should be so well-versed, especially in the land of the Psychedelic Golden Gate Bridge (and endlessly shifting energy releasing Fault Lines) which represents the very end and limiting point of mono-cultural Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny? A very finite number of ways to Say Things Effectively, that is to say, Magickally, as true Magick -and true Art- is nothing more than intention REALIZED with laser-like precision. Maybe (Post-Stonewall, Post-dressing-up-in-your-mom’s-clothes) we should stop relying on a pre-recorded track and Lizard-Brain body language already? This goes for IDEAS especially. SUCH AS THE FOLLOWING.

#1. Being OK with obesity and/or anorexia and/or being “body size neutral” is NOT “fighting the system.” Half the world is too fat – half the world is too skinny. It’s a fact. Accepting yourself “just the way you are” can be just as bad as measuring everything according to one stick. Smokers glorifying their black lungs in hospital therapy groups everywhere. Even accepting your own genetics post-20th-century is LAZY. A little bit of body fascism and internalized eugenics never hurt anyone! *wink* Any idea of “Nature” which does not include cities, synthetics, genetic modification, civilization as the new Bee Hives and Honey Combs of the World is the Devil. There is no excuse for limp dicks and low IQs in the age of the GENOME. Evolution according to happy coincidences is SLOW and SLOPPY. It’s time to TAKE CONTROL, motherfuckers! "Man is something that should be Overcome." Beauty is almost never “natural” or easy and it most certainly is NOT in the eye of the beholder (cross-cultural symmetry studies). Being "gender neutral" or Trans, furthermore, does not *automatically* make you a god/goddess. Two-Spirits are about SPIRITS, not GENITALS. No matter how much lip-stick you put on the same old Pig -- MATERIALISM is still vulgar. It takes HARD WORK and millions of years of bloody natural selection to look this FIERCE, Bitch!

#2. Certain African states (Ashanti of Ghana and the Yoruba of Nigeria) sold other Africans (though not deemed properly “African”) into slavery. Aztec tribes plotted and conspired against other Aztec tribes to gain the favors of their light-skinned “gods” (the Massacre at Cholula with the treachery of the Tlaxcaltecas). Tribal warfare around the world was nine times as deadly as world wars and genocide in the 20th century (Steven Pinker, “Better Angels of our Nature”.) The White Man is NOT the Devil. The Romantic Native is not your Savior. There are entities on this planet right now (MASS SIGHTINGS everywhere!) who probably don't have "skin" to begin with--much less "color"--who may very well like to see us ALL perish. GET OVER IT.

#3. Too many White People with “White Gurl Problems.” Not being able to get drunk and/or get laid and/or “?not being able to accept yourself?” are not ISSUES. (White Gurl Problems are the Devil.)

#4. Being gay and being against gay marriage = pink fists with pink purses falling out of their pink mouths. REACTIONARY much? Self-styled anti-assimilationists believe in the Binary Code and usually just encourage more assimilation (10101010101) and glorify living on the margins for its own sake. In order to be a “virus in the system” you have to FIRST infect the system! (DUH.)

#5. QUEER OPEN MICS. High school diary entries represent the last GASP! of a pretense to naturalism which usually just masks a total lack of imagination and historical daring. Latter day Beat Poetry with a Jazz sound track is like two old rats in a cage fighting over the same dried up turd forever. Slam poetry needs to stop with the word vomiting already: slutty confessionals belong to the Priests. GIVE US SONGS, INCANTATIONS, MANIFESTOS, HEROES, GOSPELS WE CAN MARCH OFF TO WAR (AND WIZARDRY) WITH! Enough with the junkies and the destitute masturbating in the slime of their own existence already. It's called: REALITY TV. (You can do better!)

#6. Black-clad poker-faced Satanists who think blood and pentagrams are Magickal are mostly just Evil Cliches and everyone knows it. THE JIG IS UP. If you are going to burn something for the gods to see on your dark altar burn the Enneagram and evoke the Holy Mountain and the music of the spheres – IT IS INFINITELY MORE POTENT AND POWERFUL. Likewise, people who think Sex (in itself) is Magickal, especially gay sex, are the Devil.

#7. Obsession with sex post-sexual-liberation is the Devil. Too much Sex of any sort in Art Post 9-11 is radically TIRED – especially Incestuous Anal Sex Among Liberals. The least radical thing in the list of least radical things (in liberal bubbles). GET OFF the "getting-off" already = we need the FIERY imagination of the Puritans. The world is ready for the next logical step: THE BIG GAY MIND FUCK.

#8. Post-Club-Kids, Post-War-on-Terror: DRESSING UP IS NOT ENOUGH.

#9. Post-High-School, Post-Andy-Warhol: ART IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST.

#10. Post-ACT-UP: If you subsidize something, you get more of it. Kids love barebacking and drugs. But they ESPECIALLY love Free Shit. Unilateral focus on HIV/AIDS/(STDs in general) “treatment” (usually drugs) = materialism of the clinics and stripmalls = cultural crisis of the Castro. THERE IS AN AIDS OF THE MIND. “Bug chasers” won’t go away. Neither will the problem of incentives. Free Benefits (food, housing, healthcare) for seroconverting? GET INTO IT. (The Progressive Paradox).

#11. Equating film-directing with over-editing and flashy late 80s MTV commercials = the death of attention spans, the negation of the ability to SEE and the lucidity of CONSCIOUSNESS everywhere = the DEVIL. But scenes that try to depict life "honestly" or “as it is” (again: REALITY TV!) or scenes that try to appear “effortless” = EVEN MORE the Devil. Anything less than HIGH CAMP, i.e. GORE CAMP, we thought was funny when we were pre-pubescent and stoned as fuck and still afraid of the monster in our closet = a perpetual mocking of the occult forces which actually do bind us in the real world = being retarded and enslaved forever = the Devil.

#12. PEOPLE-WHO-DON’T-KNOW-SHIT-ABOUT-ART- deciding what art gets made because they have convinced you that YOU NEED MONEY TO MAKE ART. The perennial struggle: Artists vs. Administrators. Logical consequence: NO ART IS MADE DURING THE GREAT RECESSION. Residencies = mostly the perpetuation of “White Gurl Problems” and the magical green bubble land of “don’t hurt me cruel world!” liberal welfarism. Art produced not so much because it is necessary for our cultural survival during the GREAT RECESSION (or the GREAT DISCLOSURE for that matter), but because a a fragile ego had to be bubble-wrapped or a deadline had to be met to pay the bills. Logical consequence: more half-assed “performance art” to turn the lights back on at home. A suggestion: GET A DAY JOB TIL YOU FIGURE IT OUT, your audience is starving. When it BURNS like a motherfucking STD, put it on stage. If it doesn’t – don’t. THE WORLD WILL NOT –CANNOT- WAIT FOR FUNDING AND RESIDENCIES AND IT CERTAINLY DOESN’T HAVE TIME FOR MORE HALF-ASSED PERFORMANCE ART. (“Arts Administrators” = the Devil.)

#13. Gentrified “soul parties” sucking the “COUNTER-culture” into bar and club culture (not to mention “progressive” politics). Logical consequence: the bastardization and vulgarization of the UNDERGROUND, smiley faced politicians replace ANGRY, DANGEROUS direct actions, autonomous zones and basement spaces and speakeasies disappear, the City takes over every aspect of nightlife with its zoning and permit and curfew laws completely, sliding scales disappear, economic segregation sets in (even MORE “White Gurl Problems”) and everyone has to pay at the door for bloated security blackshirts who ruin everyone’s fun, AND –worst of all!- DRUNK PEOPLE decide what art and policies get made (which may even be more frightening than the ARTS ADMINISTRATOR nightmare).

#14. The Queerest Thing: Black Bloc vs. Gandhi! Let the black-bloc-ers burn police cars and raise their handkerchiefs and shields to the sun especially after the police have done great smashings of their own – let the Gandhians lay down and pray for peace – when the black-bloc-ers need an alibi they can evoke Gandhi and when the Gandhians need cover from the batons they can evoke the black bloc. Realizing that you cannot Occupy! ANYTHING until you BUY (with your own sweat and labor!) some internalized piece of your own ass on AN ISLAND WHERE YOU FUCK THE GOOD WHORES OF YOUR IMAGINAGION ALL NIGHT LONG and occupy the Private Property that is your Self. OTHERWISE someone else’s desires (probably even the State or the Church) will do the Occupying for you = Occupation as Personal Therapy and Exorcism of Demons 101 = the Kindergarten of the Revolutionary Spirit = Self Occupation for Libertines and Would-Be Enlightened Masters Before All Else! EXAMPLE: the GOLD handkerchiefs and precariously negotiated human pyramids of Keith Hennessy’s TURBULENCE. Appropriating a symbol usually associated with the moneyed elite for oppressed queer bodies: Not So Easy. EXAMPLE: evoking the names of Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan as The Devil in TURBULENCE. Way Too Easy. ESPECIALLY in San Francisco. Using FREE MARKET ECONOMICS to understand How Rent Control Leads to Higher Rent. Understanding why "Progressive"-anything these days usually just means progressive control of the unwashed many by the Illuminated few, or progressively kicking out anyone but the dull and rich from your City. Understanding why San Francisco has the highest rents in the country. Understanding why this is all BULLSHIT. --Difficult--.

#15. The Queerest thing of all: THERE IS NO DEVIL! Or maybe, THE DEVIL IS IN THE ABSOLUTE! Or maybe, THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS! Or, THE DEVIL IS WHATEVER I SAY IT IS. Or, THIS, THE DEVIL, IS THAT! Or, THE DEVIL IS ON THIS EARTH RIGHT NOW! = Jefferson’s society of loud drunken Town-Halls full of Dueling Hicks and City Slickers enshrined everywhere FOREVER! = The South is right on taxes and guns. (Go Red State Rebels!) = The North is right on (education?)

#16. ALTERED STATES. Taking poison, starving yourself almost to death, going out into the wild with your bare hands and feet scavenging and shitting on yourself or doing some form of DMT until the skin peels off your face so that the your brain really releases those same chemicals that it would after your heart stopped SO THAT you begin to REALLY see between the GAPS how your a priori faculties and six senses and cultural conditioning all process reality --ALL THIS-- induces ALTERED STATES. The Old Formula: Knowledge = SACRIFICE. Jumping up and down on hardwood floors in an air-conditioned ballet studio where you pretend you’re “dead” and explore the parameters of your “coffin” DOES NOT induce ALTERED STATES (but may give the impression of doing so). IT IS THUS PROBABLY BETTER FOR YOUR CAREER (OR YOUR IMAGINATION) THAN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and is, for the most part, the Devil.

#17. Quoting anything about Transcendental Meditation or any type of Yoga or Yogi which makes you FEEL GOOD with the minimum amount of Work is ALWAYS bad and a sign of imminent Decay – you should ALWAYS read mystics who make you feel small, weak, almost cosmically powerless, “spiritually incorrect” mystics who tell you that you are mostly a machine, an automaton, vulgar, unwashed and stupid, that your consciousness will be obliterated upon death unless you learn how to lucid dream or crystallize an ego or do the Great Work and not just endless shadow boxing and fantasy projections (NO you’re not born with a soul and yes there is a big difference between ego and self and Self), that your politically correct baggage is a kind of BANALITY OF THE GOOD that shields you from any kind of sacrifice for the Truth – even that there probably isn’t much of a Truth, but many Truth(s) that contradict each other all the time and the best you can do is keep a clear concave mind and a convex eye for detail and USE WHATEVER WORKS WITH LASERLIKE INTENTION. (Nietzsche, Osho/Rajneesh, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff.)

#18. DANCING in almost every culture around the world is a way of bringing people together, initiating the young and shamans on their life journey and visionary quests, celebrating life in all its joyous diversity. . .But dancing without rites, symbols (not signs! not slogans!), incantations, assimilations, masks, any kind of artifice or sacred stories or context whatsoever – DANCING NAKED – IMPROVISED DANCING – DANCING FOR YOURSELF – DANCING ON KETAMINE -- DANCING IN THE PRIVATE LANGUAGE OF ACADEMIA -- represents the final “shock” where the only novelty = PENIS! BOOBS! VAGINA! ?? or the final pretense to “conceptualism” or even “anarchism,” when really all that “spur of the moment” movement reveals is how enslaved we are to our own predictable mechanical orbits (dear GOD! I really am bald and/or obsessed with my own reflection and/or getting laid and/or trying out that new workshop thing – WHO CARES). Modern Dance (if it is to be properly “modern” or a “dance” at all) should involve something like Martial Arts, the Moving of Solid Objects With One’s Mind, Telepathic Thought, Laser-Beams for Eyes, the juxtaposition, serious consideration and concretization of classically opposing and traditionally unsavory IDEAS -- it is (probably): Ontological Anarchy and Poetic Terrorism, Living Theatre, Theatre of Cruelty, Theatre of the Oppressed, Situationist Interruption, Wagner’s Operas, Mahler’s Symphonies, Roman Catholic Pomp, Smoking the Peace Pipe, Creole, Butoh, DubStep, Blues, anti-Eclecticism for it’s own sake – ALL AT ONCE – but almost certainly NOT “free-form” Jazz (which always, somehow, ends up repeating its own BeBopBeBop formula and sounding THE SAME – to me – and therefore Everyone Else) and almost certainly not “lip-syncing”.

#19. It’s not “CAPITALISM!” It’s CONSPIRACY!

What you thought was the Devil is not really the Devil. But what you thought was not really the Devil is really the Devil. “Capitalism!” = the Perennial Spook that Casts its Sickly Bearded Bespectacled Hipster Shadow Forever like Nietzsche’s Dead God. LET’S BURY IT FINALLY IN ITS OWN HORRIBLE SHIT STAINED COFFEE MUG.

The 20th century is NOTHING if not the century of Conspiracies, where Conspiracy Theory became Conspiracy Fact. How can banners still proclaim the Evils of the “Free-Market” in the era of blatant Big Bank Bail-Outs, rampant Corporate Fascism (um HELLO Big Pharma/FDA decades-long suppression of Dr. Burzynski and alternative cancer medicines???) and murdering No-Bid Contracts (Halliburton!! Blackwater!!), where the very value of our Dollar and even our spending and borrowing habits (not to mention the endless printing of paper money out of thin air to fund our relentless war/welfare machines) are determined by the miraculous interest rates divined by the GRAND WIZARDS at the FEDERAL RESERVE (artificially low interest rates = easy money = easy credit and cheap loans = overconsumption and overborrowing = economic crisis) –- the Great Seal with the Glowing Panoptic Eye and the Capstone raised conspicuously *above* the Base of the Pyramid representing the Completion of the New Global Order where “money” is divorced from gold or ANYTHING of intrinsic value and decreed solely by FIAT by the enlightened Masters of Plato’s Republic who steer the Ship of State in elect Ivy League fraternal orders and elite Eastern Establishment round tables under the Highest Ranking 33 Degree Mason President (it's a fact! look it up!) F-D-R who idolized Mussolini and the “efficiency” of early National Socialism in his “New Deal” (= the undeniable role of secret socieities in "radical" politics) –- the covert Establishment of the pseudo-Federal Reserve (G.I. Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island”) in 1913 by the very bankers (J.P. Morgan and Co.) who helped engineer the Problem, Reaction, Solution model that became the “instability of the free market” that needed the “guiding hand” of Technocrats and Ivory Tower Academics (themselves of course!) – CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY!

The Establishment of the Super-Bureaucracy of Brussels and the EU dictated by a single currency and the calls for similar Unions for North America, Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc., also presumably under a single currency and also presumably under the control of something like the pseudo-Federal Reserve on a global scale (i.e. the WORLD BANK), all without exception the Double-Horned brainchild of the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group which have appointed themselves as Illumined Caretakers of the Earth and all its Natural Resources with a view to Stabilizing Human Populations for the Good of the Whole (see “TRILATERALISM: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management” ed. by Holly Sklar) – CONSPIRACY!

The Establishment of Marxism (Murray Rothbard’s classic “Marx as Religious Eschatologist”) and Materialism in State Academia by well-intentioned road-to-hell Fabian Socialists, End-Time Communists and Economic Scientists who read too much H.G. Wells and believe the World in order to be averted from Apocalype should be run like a well-oiled-and-lubed Machine by (who else??) The Engineers and the fetishization of Workers (not artists! not shamans!) as the TRUE chosen people of the World – the kind of materialism that only offers the huddled masses at the base of the Pyramid more Things, a kind of dreary Historical Consumerism, more Professional Revolutionaries, better Economic Systems, more Leaders, Managers, Bureaucrats (Cultural Innovation as Salvation be damned!) – with the idea of “historical necessity” being a law of economics like the law of gravity only offering up more concentration camps and gulags and ghettos full of poverty and dissidents who failed to see The Inevitable Way like stones going over a cliff -- and any kind of BORING and WRONG reductionist atomism, in physics or aesthetics or linguistics or clinical psychology or political economy (as Nietzsche knew a hundred years before), especially in the age of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity and Deconstruction and (Foucaldian) Archeology where everything is reducible to nothing but Dark Matter, Energy, Probability Waves, the Rupture, the Break, the Difference, the Expedient, the VOID that is the endless space between electron and nucleus -- its own kind of blind faith, mysticism, endless vapid stupidity – THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF YOUR SOUL IN A RIGGED GAME OF BILLIARD BALLS FOREVER – CONSPIRACY!

The assassination of Popes (P2 Lodge scandal) and Presidents (JFK, executive order to shut down the Fed) – the very existence of the Vatican as a sovereign City-State unto itself with one of the largest banking reserves in the world -- CONSPIRACY!

The whole sordid Occult World of Commerce -- the "watery" language of "banks" and "currency" and "mer-chants" (or mer-men) in "A-mer-ica" all based on admiralty maritime law, the laws of Commerce as laws of the Sea -- the fact that the Statue of Liberty had to be placed in water (the CRUCIAL difference between the LIBERTY that is granted to you by the State -or Commerce!- and the FREEDOM you are born with), ships having a "birth," certificate of "birth" upon being born like a commodity -- the first iconic Pirates of the sea as Templar Knights with their legendary Red Cross and the treasure they found in the Holy Land, also the first monopolistic MER-chants, major BANK-ERS -- the age of Aquarius being the age of the "Water-Bearer," the real meaning of the Eucharyst and the Holy Grail in the Christ Child (or Christ Consciousness) of the revolutionary cup-bearing feminine-aspect Mary Magdalene whose time and teachings could only come into being with the finding of the lost Gnostic Gospels after centuries of repression by the evil Death-Star VATICAN --

Rockefeller/J.P. Morgan owned Chase Manhattan Bank LOGO = (Swastika) = Standard Oil and the Federal Reserve = major funders of the Nazi War Machine = Nazi Flying Saucer experiments = Nazi obsession with ancient Tibetans and Indians = texts about ancient gyroscopic flying machines in the epic MAHABHARATA = Third Illuminated Eye of the Tibetan Buddha (Swastika on chest!) which illuminates the Base -VS- the hovering Panoptic Eye which is removed from the Base of the POWER PYRAMID forever = THE GREAT SEAL = MASS SIGHTINGS OF UFOs EVERYWHERE = the whole Matrix of Symbols and Corporate Logos that surround you every fucking day as you sleepwalk through life and take everything for granted = TRILATERALISM! TRILATERALISM! TRILATERALISM! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY! CONSPIRACY!

The idea of the “FREE MARKET” itself and that all the ills of the world can be blamed on accidents or anarchy or individualism or CHAOS or fluctuations that need more REGULATION and CONTROL instead of dismantling ELITE CENTRAL PLANNING and MONOCULTURE on a global scale (especially by Evil Wizards and Control Freaks like Greenspan) – CONSPIRACY!

The fact that the earth's magnetic field is steadily weakening -- POLES ARE SHIFTING -- the CORE IS SPEWING -- the VEIL IS LIFTING -- TRUMPETS ARE SOUNDING -- we are seeing things in MASS NUMBERS we never saw before -- a new fucking PLANET may be entering our solar system -- and the only "ART" we ever get to see about what may very well be the End of History As We Know It is tacky YouTube videos and more Hollywood FLUFF??? -- CONSPIRACY? (or laziness)

#20. (It is only CHAOS as the “principle of continuous creation” which can save us.)

#21. RECOGNIZE! AT LONG LAST! THE FINAL HERESY! It is the A-MER-ICAN REVOLUTION with its deliberate focus on the Question of Freedom over the Social Question (namely, how to solve "poverty"), not the FRENCH or the RUSSIAN scenarios (a la Hannah Arendt “On Revolution” or Jean-Francois Revel’s “Without Marx or Jesus”) which is the most important for Global Occupy as it Represents the most flagrant contradictions in Ideology--the Constitutional Republic of Federated States all with marvelous agendas of their own!--living in a kind of tentative harmonic Union, allowing for the most cognitive dissonance and Clash of the Titanic World Views, the most opportunity for Autonomous Zones and Experiments in Living, allowing for the most dynamic negotiations between the Individual and Society, which should NEVER, Finally, be Solved, EVER and always, always painfully DANCED -- and while it THEORETICALLY mandates a monopoly on the use of force to protect the Rights of the Individual it nevertheless always finds a way to strip each Person of their Rights according to the “Common Welfare” and the ensuing tension leads to the only hope of a Revolution for the whole World ---- The A-mer-ican Revolution being, thus, one of the few living examples of a Permanent Revolution – the birthplace of late 60’s DISSENT and (yes, FACEBOOK!) and now OCCUPY -- is most certainly NOT the Devil.




#22. CRITIC AS ARTIST, ARTIST AS SHAMAN, SHAMAN AS QUEER. The lack of any real Criticism keeps you retarded. Criticism is one thing. Opinions are quite another. THE FIRE TEST! First there is Incubation, then there is Criticism. DON’T SMOTHER THE EGGS. The Critic as Artist, as seer of SYMBOLIC LITERACY, makes a secondary work of Art out of the primary source, revealing the SECRET sacred Kabballah of letters and numbers just beneath the surface. The Shaman shows the Way on the roads we travel everyday. The Queer is the Way Incarnate. In the figure of the Two Spirit Queer who represents all the multi-dimensional polarities of existence and nothing less than the ancient metaphysical FORMULA "As Above, So Below" is realized the true meaning of the Holy Hexagram, the Seal of Solomon itself FOREVER BRANDED on all our OBLIQUELY BENT BACKS --










(like this).




(it was the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie and now the middle classes which started many of our “prized” revolutions)