Monday, May 18, 2015



It was the Savage Family’s first archetypal desert Outing together in the #MOBILEMOSQUE…

But the invisible Djinni of the bottle did not know what to think…

For rounding the very first corner, the Mosque literally bursting at the seams from Nine lovingly but hurriedly #SLATHERED drag closets, on some accursed intersection of #SILVERLAKE and Whatever, the #PURPLEBUS (that is REALLY calling us) lost its left shoulder, just as its PonyDriver with the forest green eyes and curly brownishblonde ponymane had lost his own Lefty Loosy in a bicycling accident a couple days before (on the Left Hand Path), and as a gold frame in his Back Room (bedroom) carrying Gustav Klimt’s witchy GRAMMA angel cocking her neck suspiciously to the right for some faceless vampire entity hovering overhead as she cradles her newborn son….yeah, she lost her golden shoulder too...

In other words, the Maiden of the voyage (#LANA/#ALAN/#ANAL)) lost her shoulder, it seemed, thrice now before the journey even began…

And so the Djinni did not know what to think…

###....(((according to a Google Skymap scan of PonyDriver’s separated shoulder on the iPHONE5666 the fissure occurred due to some rifted constellation with some barely legible Arabic name almost like El Algezeerrrebra, clearly a demonic entity or meteorite phenomenon hell bent on rending the family asunder at the outset….maybe the result of the Solar Eclipse in Aries or the New Moon eclipse or all the Blood Moons taken menstrually together….in any case iPHONE666 wanted us to know that our first day together on #LANAMOUNTAIN was actually the day the first human (#SOVIET) being was launched into space…April 12….and that we should all vote for #RANDPAUL2016 because his name comes from #AYNRAND and #AYNSOF is the #ALLSEEINGEYE and he is the #EYESURGEON for the #NEWAMERICANDREAM and the #INDIGOCHILDREN because the great cosmic secret alchemical formula is #REDANDBLUEEQUALSPURPLE and #HASHTAGMAGICK and #SATURNGRID and #REPROGRAMTHEMATRIX)))…###

Furthermore, the invisible Djinni of the bottle did not quite know what to think of the phenomenon of the glowing orange salt crystal in the front of the bus on the #LANA/#ALAN/#ANAL ALT.AR giving the appearance of tusks on the windowpanes and the backed up septic tank that had to be released of its foul onion/garlic smelling odours through a series of elephantine tubules sticking out from underneath the Back Room with its purple/gold tapestry of #GANESH having to be released unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) all over GANESH HIGH SCHOOL somewhere conveniently located in the Greater SouthWest of Stripmall Land...

###…(((which immediately brings to mind operation #JADEHELM sweeping across the Greater SouthWest (FRONTLINES of WW3 baby!!) and #GRAMMA #SHANNON who keeps warning everyone on #FACEBOOK in #ALLCAPS about the imminent military takeover of America…the white/red version…. the black/blue version of which was then exploding in #BALTIMORE… the purple/gray version sizzling in #TEMECULA)))….###

Actually, this was as comical to the Djinni as it was tragic, as with all things.

The Family was all there, however, and looking at them through the PURPLE VEIL that made him at once the Wizard Behind the Curtain with the Scary Father Jehovah Voice …. The Djinni felt the distinct twin sensations of Pride and Joy.

His Viking bred Aries brother with the mechanic’s (Great Architect’s) alchemical eye (and elbow… and cock…) was there critically analyzing everything sweetly and matter of factly and viscerally, sexually, even. (K)

His sacred Red Haired Androgyne (with the BLUE soul) was there making subtle directions beautifully in all the greater directions of space(show)time incorporating all the colours, frequencies, ontologies and character FABRICATIONS (aka LOOKS), all playing their part in the Familial MULTITUDE as the timeless and eternal story goes, updated (We hope) every Revolving Spiral Generation...  (B)

His new purple haired sister with her SHIVA trident mirrors one of which broke and its leftmost spike torn off in the perfect way that creates the astrological symbol for SATURN… which the Djinni thought was really appropriate for Sacred Herb Harvest Time when Mama Savage’s purple trident leaves would all come off so perfectly and fruitfully with big crystal dicks and bulbs all protruding in their own sacred ways full of LOVE unlike the guy next door who just wanted Profit and so cut down the soil and nutrients so that all his plants were no more than the sad frequency of Anemic Hanging Yellow. (M)

His new Elegant Hollywood Mushroom Hat sister with the voice of Mya who now owns the American portion of the Sahara Desert and who brings with her the special treats (and LOOKS!) that would plug all the Burnt Children into the mycelium network… her delicious Mad Hatter custom chocolates so they could do what they needed variously to do to give birth to the New Atomic Man and store their share of liquid gold in the Akashic eLibrary as soon as they popped off all their various interstellar consciousness SEEDING spores... (E)

His new Analog Space Brother with the wires and computer consoles and projections which would give the MOSQUE a new control panel for InterDimensional travel, so it would really become the “Transspace Ship #KARNAK” as Gurdjieff and #BEELZEBUB predicted but in the middle of some Arizona desert valley whose name he kant even PROnounce…. (T)

His new Hashishin Rumi Loving Pirate Dervish brother with the purple paintbrushes who would give the MOSQUE the murals it needed so it could continue to carry the secrets of the #KAABA in a very fashionable way on the Outside World so everyone would know it all amounted to Shivas Big (Black?) Rock Cock that ejaculates the creation at the head of #MECCA which always means Forward Direction Forward (Never #STRAIGHT).

And there was the British photographer who didn’t like photographing anything except those clearly Illuminated clearly designated things called Fashion Models but we were all Archeytpal Fashion Models basically in Present Time so that quickly became… fun…(especially to look at)!  (L)

Like #HAMID for example the Mosque’s Chosen Interior Master Designer who slathered himself immediately astrally into the character from Brion Gysin’s story of our Lives in Present Time which is of course #THEPROCESS, and he was ceaselessly trying to get the Hashishins dancing for the Old Man ceaselessly smoking his own fingerubbing hashballs and quietly stealthily assassinating all the Kings Queens Popes and Presidents of the earth from his alleged hideaway in the savage TEMECULA MOUNTAINS….

And though the Djinni did not personally get to meet GRAMMA BETTY BABALON he definitely helped tend the Flame all GRAMMA(tology)s of the earth tend to when they wear their Funny Mushroom Hats for Caterpillar Green Tea and Storytime sessions with their beloved grandsons granddaughters and everything in between and so open the twin InterGenerational InterDimensional #PURPLEPORTAL of universal myths and mores and pastimes and ceaselessly updating flowing Blue Velvet RETROgrade feeling LOOKS...

For there was that moment when all the Burnt Children were gathered together in the Purple Bus (that is calling us) and there was projections from T and Mya’s voice from E reading about her new acquisition of the Sahara and greater North Africa for America and the Viking reading about his own GRAMMAs ashes buried in that particular valley of the great Arizona desert where they were all really trying to get to the Sacred Hopi Glyphs and Red Sands but could not and so had to go indirectly on a space ship ride to the Pleiades (which was apparently the secret Holy Hexagram embedded in the very scary War Star of the previous year’s Grand Sextile). For T was projecting images on the Djinnis eyelids as he spoke the words of the Dream Machine called Brion Gysin and through their collective synesthesia storytelling evoking all the rite GRAMMA(tology)s the Djinni realized the Big Black Radio Box sitting in front of him on his prayer rug was really the Secret of the #KAABA (or rather the Secret of #KWEERBALLAH) and all he had to do was take it out in the middle of the Arizona Desert and let the detuned Static fly out of the broken antenna and wave his arms around until he got just the rite frequency with the help of the rite THREE PRONGED desert CACTUS of course for all the voices to come through that wanted to talk about the HIV POZ “T cross” TAU marked people who all had sacrificial blood on their doorsteps and foreheads to survive the great coming demonic onslaught of deadly demonic PASSOVER and what to do with them and the Bloodline while choirs of angels sing about Armageddon and the Final Judgment all around him….(#AMEN)

That moment when everyone realized why the Bus had to be Purple instead of Blue like that old dead Doors song or Purple instead of Red like that old Dead God song or Red White and Blue like the Ron Paul End the Fed Campaign Bus back in the day before 2012 because Purple was what you got when it rained on your Breaking Bad looking RV and all the colors melted together and everyone was trying to precariously balance themselves always into the UltraViolet UltraViolence end of the Spectrum and then into the colorless Great Beyond of Sacred Higher Dimensional Geometry…

In other words, the Djinni met Betty Babalon through his work on the Jack Parsons series oh you know that crazy cat who did a bunch of sex magick in Pasadena with his scarlet babe girlfriend to allegedly conceive the Antichrist and be rid of JudaeoChristianity (although probably not the Islamic permutation….) forever but probably just invited more of those pesty Grays into our Atmosphere who like toying with our DNA cuz Crowley channeled them all thru his LEM portal before the Roswell Crash and the founding of Is Ra El in 1948 which is probably the twin Medussa heads of Great Mystery Babalon Herself….(just wait til 2018….70 years OF famed Hollywood Directors flourishing in BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY!!)

In other words, an atomic abortion of sorts that led to the Djinni cumming into the world thru the top of his own Purple Mushroom Head to close down the Devil’s Gate in PASADENA (where he encountered Amanda Bynes through a contact at her mental hospital where she regularly let all the MONARCH demons in…) that caused all the NAZI UFO troubles we are currently dealing with after Saturn was in Gemini on 9-11….

But not before running into the Ghost of Hollywood #METH Madame Heidi Fleiss on the promised land who left behind all her multicoloured multifeathered horde of caged shitting birds in the Watchtower and pages upon pages of Hollywood Babalon diaries about her exploits on #METH ceaselessly walking the fire and brimstone tightrope of the infernal Walk of Shame….

Not like his own GRAMMA SHANNON tho who went completely underground and preferred to smoke only Opal and Quartz crystals still completely ripe with their original superimposed elementals….straight from EARTH CRYSTAL MAMA herself….

He met Betty after the Purple Light Angels that called themselves Pleiadians (funnily enuff the Divine communicates often thru hysterical pop culture clich├ęs!) lifted the Mosque onto their sun ray backs in the morning when he and Hamid and the beautiful LoverPony were caressing fetally in the back room and everyone else was asleep and they each got pregnant maybe with just enough Light and Love to make a difference on the Promised Land by creating the Big Purple Weather Vortex that draws all the Burnt Children in from all the Four Corners during the height of the Climate Changing Great Drought (cuz the Climate always changes….) WHICH REQUIRES WAY MORE RAINDANCING than we are probably ready for as Indigo Kids and which we should ritefully call Operation Southwind Storm after the original given name of the RV/MOSQUE herself….

He met Betty when she was in that ALL AMERICAN DINER with the black and white Masonic chessboard with all the Red Aries energy that is causing all the Race Riots in America or more specifically #BALTIMORE rite now (because we are all pawns learning to hate each other thru our BINARY THINKING tinfoil hats (aka skin color tribal warfare Politically Correct divide and conquer CULTURAL MARXISM aka Freddie Grey verdict coming to you live on freaking MAOIST RED TERROR MAYDAY!!) instead of all eating pancakes and drinking coffee together in some random diner that looks more like THIS)….and his LoverPony in his red feather Phoenix wig was drinking a Pepsi Cola Cup like the Ace of Cups channeling Lana Del Rey because her pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola and we all listen to her because she is the Maiden of the Voyage and if she says she is a Brooklyn Girl but the West is the Best WE SHOULD JUST GET THE FUCK IN AND SHE WILL DO THE REST…CUZ I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU MAN BUT I WANT TO GET MY KICKS BEFORE THE WHOLE SHITHOUSE GOES UP IN FLAMES…(ahem)

Until that weird Muslim looking B+J Djinni America is so afraid of suddenly appears overhead on the floating Mosque Ceiling and invokes ISIS and throws down his gold Star and Crescent black flag like the anarchist #SUFI pirate heroes his Viking brother always talks about from that last of all William Burroughs novels called something like CITIES OF THE RED NIGHT who all seem to smuggle themselves miraculously into their pirate utopia by strategically stealing from the Rockefellers and Rothschilds of the world by day and gifting it to their enslaved dark skinned populations by night…..

He met Betty when she thought she was the biggest Hollywood Babylon Superstar in the front of her fabulous RV with the NINE Drag Closets and she was talking about her past as the childhood tap dancing star or the wife of the military pilot star or the wife of the Great American Dream star (which is really the Morning Star which is called Venus which is called ISIS which is called Lucifer or the Light Bringer or the Legions of Light which America is actually really afraid of rite now because she is currently being controlled by the wrong kind of Nordic Alien of the NAZI persuasion….) which is of course namely her proud grandson/daughter LOVE in big RED FLAMING LETTERS who was always trying on her best MOVES and LOOKS and whose sole objective now in Present Time was to give the biggest most beautiful rebith to the loving feminine energies that birthed Him / HERSELF….

He met Betty when she was guarded by the Angry Old Lesbian up on the hill who was afraid the former GRAMMA(tology) SuperStar was getting way too much attention from a bunch of naked red slathered gay boys who clung too tightly to her highly styled but still highly functioning Wheel Chair…and who was not happy and who was slightly or perhaps majorly oppressed herself and thought immediately of all the veiled women of the Middle Eastern World married to their Muslim husbands who carry all the feminine secrets of the Full Body orgasm as well as the original ANTI FACE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY (#BURKA) when the big (black?) satanic BORG CUBE came to MECCA the first time around and #MOHAMMED #MAHADEVA chopped up SHIVAS Big (Black?) Rock Cock into a million scattered black bits all over the Greater Saharan Desert aka NORTH AFRICA (and maybe APARTHEID SOUTH Africa too…) and told all his would be whirling dervishes to circle It in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION (#COUNTERCLOCKWISE) in order to temporally diffuse the #LORDOFTIME Himself perhaps…..and so naturally all this bothered Angry Old Lesbian quite a bit as a First Wave Feminist who confused nudity perhaps with liberation but in a very oppressed shameful way that almost came across Roman Catholic even….and so the Djinni continued to blow sage smoke everywhere while his Hashishin Pirate brother (J) with all the purple mural paint disarmed Angry Old Lesbian with the most delicate simple twists of emotional logic…but probably mostly with the kind of LOOK that acknowledges even the darkest entities when revealed in the proper loving Light tend to lose their shadows and take on the most awesome UltraViolet GLOW…..until GRAMMA(tology) was free to go!!!!!

In other words, the Savage Family had a very happy ride through the Arizona desert on the TransSpace Ship Karnak aka the MOBILE MOSQUE aka Purple Bus (that is calling us) and as the Djinni was flying out of that peculiar desert National Park that looked suspiciously like his home planet MARS toward the end with its Red Sands and Hopi Glyphs and giant Phoenix Lights clearly evoking #CYDONIA he looked at the translucent purple hanging Cactus Tridents and Mushroom Hats that stamped his own personal Reality Drive Thru Window he remembered all the purple skinned GRAMMA(tology)s of the world stirring their purple varicose veined organic flowering ROD blood magick cauldrons by the firelight telling their stories for generations of REVOLUTIONS waiting for just the rite archetypal update of just the rite combination of LETTERS AND NUMBERS or BOYstuff and GIRLstuff that would signal the final kweerballistic hashtag magick moment of….


…in the era of the persistently terrible beautiful and sublime #KALIFORNIA #YUGA….that ultimate purple skinned GRAMMA(tology) who ultimately sculpts all time and synchronicity CITIES in that Higher Place and will bite off all your heads til you STAND UNDER her skirt properly and look directly not back and forth side to side but DIRECTLY UP AND UP!!!....

(And he wanted to apologize immediately and retroactively for probably yelling and swearing WAY TOO MUCH on our journey…and wants to be the Scary Wizard behind the Curtain with the Jehovah Voice no more…..for really this was his first time ever taking his prized Indigo Emerald Bottle across the seafaring maritime country on Six Uncertain Wheels and that’s pretty damn scary for any Djinni nevermind the added stressors of the B+J parts….)