Monday, November 7, 2016


by B+J Dini

The secret of Pan American+New Atlantian alchemy= Democrats are Smurfs! Republicans are Rednecks! We can be ultra “rite wing nationalists” and love what is great about the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Checks and Balances (DANCE OF SHIVA!), and SIMULTANEOUSLY we can be ultra “lunatic lefties” and love what is great about Progress that always moves in spirals not circles, EVOLUTIONS NOT REVOLUTIONS, where we learn what is so fucked up about our treatment of ethnic minorities in this country and vow not to endlessly reincarnate our systemic karmic mischief where one Atlantian-Sumerian-Egyptian-Greek-Roman Empire enslaves the world and then wakes up one day and has all its people enslaved by the Next Big Empire to come around on the perennial Wheel of Fortune! We are neither too hot nor too cold, we are the purple fruit before the harvest! We are the ultraviolet rays that SIMULTANEOUSLY kill the bacteria, cause the skin cancer, highlight and fluoresce all the hidden things that dont want to be hidden anymore! We are the throbbing MIDDLE PILLAR (Israel Regardie) hanging between your left wing and your rite wing! We are the PURPLE CROWN CHAKRA INTEGRAL CONSCIOUSNESS FED BY BABYLONIAN RED ROOTS, we are ALL LEVELS, ALL QUADRANTS! We are inside and outside! We are social and cultural! I/WE/IT/ITS (Ken Wilber, Eye of Spirit) TANGLED HOLARCHIES NOT PYRAMID HIERARCHIES! Wholes that embrace still greater wholes! ((Our only criteria for Judgement:: Is your Whole Big Enuff?? Can it fit both the pre modern post and trans Rational in all its sexiest equations??)) Why. Just. Be. One. Thing.
We refuse to be pawns on the black and white Masonic chessboard! We have read the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF (BRITISH) ZIONISM! We know there are powerful billionaires (George Soros) and black magick brotherhoods (Round Tables/Carol Quigley) destabilizing entire economies and funding “protest movements” and “refugee camps” and trying to start race wars and “revolutions” all over the globalist world (Hegelian dialectic)! We believe (with Madame Blavatsky!) that the SIXTH ROOT RACE WILL BE BORN OF ALL THE MIXED RACES IN AMERICA! We do our part to MIX MORE, not less! “WHITE” is not an ethnicity any more than “BLACK,” and we SIMULTANEOUSLY celebrate all those “WHITE” (European-American) and “BLACK” (African-American) abolitionists who fought and died to end the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (still operating largely under Arab rule) and condemn those “WHITES” (European-Americans) and “BLACKS” (African-Americans) who keep the essentialist, monolithic, totalitarian ghosts of WHITENESS and BLACKNESS alive! Not to mention all the RED and BROWN and YELLOW (etc.) people still languishing in cultural ghettos and concentration camps! Yes, we recognize that BLACK LIVES MATTER...but we also recognize that PURPLE MATTER LIVES!! Yeah you might be a black slave in the Confederate South of American Empire now...but maybe you were a black slave driver resurrecting soulless zombie frankenstein mummies in the Egyptian Empires of your past incarnations and maybe you will be one of the Purple People Plaedian Intergalactic Congresswomen Representatives in your future incarnations!! The point is to get rid of the -NESS in the Black and the White, its a scary monster that lives in a lake! Lets kill it already! YOU ARE NOT YOUR SKIN, OR EVEN YOUR BLOOD, OR EVEN YOUR ANCESTORS, NO MATTER WHAT THE PSYCHICK VAMPIRES OF THE WORLD TRY TO TELL YOU. The power of AHRIMAN is great, especially on social media these days, and we vow to bring a little more Christ Consciousness with us to balance the Luciferian equation (Steiner)...And all the tenured Professors who keep these Halloween Spooks and Spectres trendy because it keeps their State School Sponsors funding the whole sordid Fake Karma operation (namely, those who have a vested interest in presenting the State as the solution to all its own Problem-Reaction-Solution problems….)...GO TO HELL ALREADY!!  
We are Two-Spirits! We have pussies and cocks! We have the descending material flow and the upward thrust of will! We say NO! To the QUEER CULTURAL REVOLUTION POLICE and SHUT DOWN CULTURE! Free speech is always free speech and it doesnt become “hate speech” just because you dont like it! Trigger warnings and “safe spaces” are for robots, lab rats and bubble people!! WE SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO PEOPLE WE DONT LIKE. LISTENING ONLY TO PEOPLE WE LIKE IS LIKE JERKING OFF IN A HALL OF MIRRORS THAT GOES ON FOREVER. If you want to assimilate and go out and get married, fine! If you want to “anti” assimilate and define yourself almost exclusively always by what you are against, were fine with that too! But dont ask us to join you in your finely insulated corner of the room where no one is having any fucking fun! Because to be QUEER still means to be one of those “strange people” who should still feel strange amongst strangers, and not purified by constant PC POLICE INQUISITIONS AND BONFIRES! But it also means you shouldnt be an autistic asshole and be sensitive to people’s “triggers” as long as the racist social justice warriors dont SHUT YOU DOWN either in their endless fight against racism by perpetuating the same monolithic essentialist collectivist Binary Machine Programming Logick that makes this sort of primitive skin color tribalism possible!! The point is to always approach every single human being (or whatever) as the alien you really if you are studying these poor ugly bastards for the first time every time!! The point is to use quantum logicks, fuzzy logicks, spectrum logicks, probability logicks, deconstructionist contextual post structural logicks, where everything is smeared out, all things are shadows of one another, all things are degrees and gradations of one another, but also making room for those discontinuous striking lightning bolt like QUANTUM LEAPS where spirit finally wakes up to itself in your eyes just a little bit more and the whole chain is broken and Miss New Thing starts winding up another spiral staircase….TASTE THE FUCKING RAINBOW ALREADY….Our very own LOVE IS THE LAW LOVE UNDER WILL Two Spirit Two Sex AEON OF HORUS Scarlet Woman is working on incarnating this very possibility in our newly reincarnated ALEXANDRIA with our ISIS-PHARIA full spectrum LIGHTHOUSE even now…...THE PURPLE BUS (Mobile Mosque) IS CALLING US...driving up and down the Golden Kali-fornia State (of Mind), named as such after CALIFIA that fierce Muslim Warrior Goddess Tranny of Spanish Moore lore who will usher in the New Gold and Purple Aquarian Californian Caliphate!!  We do our Tantric Shiva Sutra Yoga and Dynamic Meditations at High Noon to bring all that coiled pent up serpent wisdom and energy bursting forth from our Root….then we do our OTO:: A::A:: GOLDEN DAWN:: EMERALD TABLET HERMETIC ceremonial magick circles at night to bring that milky moonlight ISIS virgin wisdom down into our MAHA LAXMI SRI YANTRA gardens deep deep dark into the moist soil beneath our very feet!!!
We are bored to death of these ridiculous red fisted marching brigades! People holding up signs funded by foundations and and repeating empty party slogans=BORING! People who feel nothing when they look into a “capitalist pig’s” eyes=BORING! People who read Marx=BORING! People who read Adam Smith=BORING! Have you heard of that Indian physicist who had a conference with the Dalai Lama and applied quantum theory to economics and developed a whole “science of manifestation” using subtle technologies for the production and consumption of vital energies, aka the next evolution of market freedom (Amit Goswami, Quantum Economics, PhD)?? We want music on these streets! Dancing! Mantras that go up and down and all around! Ceremonial magick! Hot yoga sessions with people slobbering and breathing all over each other!! NEXT LEVEL PROTEST….VITAL ENERGY ACTIVISM….We want people to be PRACTICING what they are PREACHING on these street corners...Are you talking about love?? Well then we better damn well FEEL it when we join your sit-in circle!! Are you talking about feeding the hungry...well you better damn well be shouting from a Purple Party soup kitchen!! And not just on the streets, but in the board rooms and city council chambers! Run for office wearing your latest drag! Stop the dreary monochrome monological penguins from taking over everything! There are “at least” two kinds of freedom=FREEDOM FROM and FREEDOM FOR. Now that you have dropped your chains, what are you gonna do with all your “free” time?? Is your “free market” really free?? Are you really all-knowing and all-powerful enough for “central planning”?? With all your talk about “structural re adjustments” do you even talk to that weird guy you walk by every day on the street?? Will your new and latest product help to make people more free or less?? Do you still have automatic thoughts? Do you still follow the “chain of associations”?? Do you still fuck or flight or fight like a dinosaur?? BECAUSE YOU ARE NEITHER WITH US, NOR WITH THE TERRORISTS. YOU ARE NEITHER WITH US, NOR WITH THE COPS. BECAUSE TERRORISTS AND COPS ARE PEOPLE TOO. Because ISIS most certainly did not come out of a “vacuum” ((she’s a goddess after all!)) and maybe some cops really are trying to stop rival gangs from shooting each other in CHIRAQ ((what was the genocidal death toll this weekend??))  
So you are afraid of BOTH Ayn Rand and the Borg? Fine! There is a book written for you too (Multitude, Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt) Start thinking of fully lit stars flashing their brightest but still shining brighter physically and archetypally within all the familiar constellations. SINGULARITIES WITHIN THE MULTITUDE. Start thinking of the Federalist Multiplicity of States all United under a single banner (Freedom), where you can try your own particular favored TEXAS-style Experiment in Living and I can do my own particular favored NEW YORK-style Experiment in Living and if I end up liking the vibe you create in your Red TAZ more than my Blue TAZ (or even your Purple or Green TAZ!!) well then I just keep on moving across those Inter-State lines baby!! The trick is HUMILITY and constant critical self-re-evaluation of all values where we are able to recognize we DONT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS and fundamentalist puritanical IDEOLOGY enforced at the National/Federal level tends not only to lead to boring sterile Uniformity but also historically in large part ENDLESS SUICIDAL COLLECTIVIST GENOCIDES…. Start thinking of social media whores FULLY NETWORKED and FULLY SELF REALIZED! Instagram celebrities who not only LOOK the part, but even PLAY IT as well! FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. People walking around getting beeped and buzzed in by other people’s thoughts and needs and problems BUT ONLY TWO HOURS A DAY then working on themSELVES the rest of the day and letting their brains reach those deeper tissues where reptilian impulses are afraid to dwell…..The golden rule of Anthroposophy and good old American style Pragmatism:: PROCESS YOUR OWN SHIT BEFORE YOU SHIT ON OTHER PEOPLE.


Can we just admit it already?? What we call “chemistry” used to be called “alchemy” and thats literally THE SECRET TO EVERYTHING. Without those scary mad Arab “mystics” who preserved the secrets of the Emerald Tablet (and add “al” to everything!) you wouldnt have your “synthetic” cures for HIV or Cancer or LSD!! Sympathetic magick is cool, and you start to definitely look like what you eat and smoke and fuck, but as some point you need to put down your “healing crystals” and you just gotta take that TRUVADA baby!! Whats the difference between “synthetic” and “organic” anyway, its all made of the same chemicals rite?? WRONG. ITS ALL ABOUT THOSE VITAL ENERGIES that balance the (al)chemical equations. And while were at it....Can we please stop romanticizing “tribal consciousness” already, we would much rather sit in a spiral that moves and breathes and dances than a circle constricted by the words of some holy chieftain, witch doctor or priest!! We still read Crowley and Blavatsky and Steiner and we still insist on reading that greatest of all living truly American philosophers (KEN WILBER??) not because they were unconsciously “repeating” or “channeling” some cryptic phrase from Horus or the Ascended Masters or Christ Consciousness but because they DARED TO CLARIFY what those Sphinx-like motherfuckers were even talking about in the first place!! Yes, imagine that all those great shamans and yogis of the golden age past DIDNT KNOW EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN and ALL IS NOT VANITY AFTER ALL! Imagine that the World Historical Spirit actually EVOLVES, NOT JUST REVOLVES….Shine a brighter light, dont re-veil the veil. DARE TO DREAM THEN DARE TO REASON. DARE TO LIE, THEN DARE TO CLARIFY. Only lazy people think they were born with a “soul”. The Egyptians and Tibetans know better::: they call it a “diamond body” for a reason….it takes a long time to polish a diamond from all that dirty coal!! APPLY THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD TO SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Then maybe you’ll have a better chance at surviving TOTAL BRAIN DEATH…….cuz at some point Mother Earth, like all Mothers, is gonna have to learn to let us go…..and we better use all those nasty polluting “(al)chemicals” and develop those INTERSTELLAR ROCKETSHIPS before the next cataclysm or were goin the way of the REPTILIANS (dinosaurs) after all….cuz last time we checked asteroids didnt give a fuck if you were Native American or just another one of those “imported” brands…….but yeah, maybe we dont need to build another messy oil pipeline over another sacred burial ground either…..and maybe (Deep) Ecology is not just about our physical environment, but our psychic surroundings as well….maybe the Globe heats up not only when we drive too many cars but when we are too angry and anxious and frustrated and accelerated all the time….but what does all this mean as far as social policy?!? NETI NETI. Neither this, nor that. You dont need to have that cake, and you dont need to eat it either!! (yall get it yet??)

First Purple Party Congress in NYC (video)